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Getting started


Check Position is in a beta development stage. Unstable and experimental endpoints can be modified at any time. If you want to be informed of upcoming breaking changes please join our slack.

The Check Position API is a RESTful API available for users on the application. Restrictions may apply depending of the type of your subscription.

Quick Start

Simplified to a minimum, there is just few steps for using the API.

  1. Create an account at, verify it and subscribe to a plan if required.
  2. Generate an authentication token on your preferences page (API section).
  3. Run some examples with your token.
  4. Go deeper by reading :


Check Position is built around multiple services for scalability and performance. This is the list of all API services available :

  • - The main API you will request for creating Monitor, Check, manage your account ...
  • - The storage used for reading position reports, histories, search engine result pages ...
  • - Optionally sanitize your user inputs (domain, url, keywords). Used internally by the API, so it is only required if you want some feedback on your interface.


The different entities you will meet in the API :

  • User: The object containing all the data of the account.
  • Monitor: The "Position Tracking" feature, each monitor is a couple of a keyword and website. And the SERP position is refreshed every day.
  • Check: The one-time "Position by datacenter" feature containing positions of a given website on several datacenters.
  • UrlMonitor: The "URL indexing tracking" feature allowing to check for the presence of a set of URL in the SERP.

Common attributes on entities :

  • hid: The hidden id of the object, is unique and should not be shared.


There is 3 levels of stability :

Stability Description
Stable May have new options but no breaking change.
Unstable May have breaking changes.
Experimental May have major refactoring or may disappear


All accounts has a limitation of 120 requests per minute.